Math Resources


has video tutorials explaining the basics of algebra, equations, ratio and proportion, absolute value, polynomials, factoring, linear equations, radicals, applications, and much more.

Discovering Geometry

Discovering Geometry has explanations, condensed lessons, practice sections, a guide specifically for parents, and student Web links.

Math is Fun

as evident from its name, attempts to present math to kids as an enjoyable, interactive subject. Simple explanations are supplemented by practice problems in the following topics: numbers, algebra, geometry, and data (mean, median, mode, surveys, tables).

Math Playground

allows you to explore many levels of math in many fun ways. Try practicing your Cartesian coordinates by saving the Zogs or guiding the gecko through a vast land of fractions.

Math Reference Tables

covers general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and above. Its general section includes number notation, addition, multiplication, fractions, and units and measurement. This site can also be translated into Spanish!
Online Math Learning

allows for kids to test different math skills in ways that will make them feel like they're playing video games rather than being forced to learn. This resource is conveniently organized by subject, and has games for preschool kids all the way up to high school.

S.O.S. Mathematics: Differential Equations

contains elaborate explanations and sample problems for the following topics: first, second, and higher order differential equations, Laplace Transforms, systems of differential equations, and Fourier Series.
Trigonometry Help

is a comprehensive resource for students of trigonometry, complete with detailed descriptions of basic terms (including types of angles, laws, and formulas), lists of trigonometry identities, tips for picking a tutor, and even a brief history of the subject.

Tulyn: Math For All

is designed to aid the pre-calculus student through video tutorials, worksheets, and word problems. This site also contains discussions, allowing students to both ask and respond to questions.

Visual Calculus

This site contains explanations, tutorials, and animations covering the following topics: limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of differentiation, integration, applications of integration, and sequences and series.


take a closer look at geometric solids by exploring geometric shapes and figures at This resource is excellent because it provides both "Easy" and "Harder" descriptions for the various aspects of geometry.

Finding Dulcinea

This amazing high school level geometry resource takes students, parents, and teachers alike through the ins and outs of geometry. Learn everything you need about graphing and manipulating 3D objects in 2D space.


Take a colorful ride through geometry-filled puzzles, games, and activities all located at Gamequarium. Be sure to try out the Co-ordinate Game and RoboPacker for some top rate games.

Home School Math

While most of the games at Home School Math are targeted at younger students, the links at the top of the page will take you to additional games for various age-groups.

Illuminations provides a novel look at geometric solids by displaying fully rotatable and adjustable geometric shapes. This opens up new perspectives for students and also helps to illuminate the various properties of geometric solids.

Math-Play boasts Geometry games ranging from Angles Jeopardy Game all the way to the Pythagorean Theorem Game. This demonstrates the wide range of game genres available.


With over 75 Geometry games to choose from, this website is sure to offer ingenious ways of teaching students about the wonders of Geometry. Not only that, but the simple and intuitive interface makes selecting the right game as easy as ever!

Online Math Learning

Avoid the tediousness of math, while still managing to learn it all by choosing from one of many geometry-based mathematics games. In addition to math games this website boasts math riddles, math quotes, math jokes and much, much more.

Pink Monkey brings to the table nine geometry-packed chapters that include lessons, quizzes, and more! Furthermore, the website's simple design and easy-to-navigate chapters make it a joy to interact with.


This excellent wikiversity course on geometry offers lessons, homework assignments, and even its own syllabus. There are numerous quizzes, tests, and exams for students to practice on.

Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section in Art, Architecture andMusic

provides information and examples about how the Golden Ratio has made intentional and unintentional appearances in everything from elaborate and famous works of art, architecture, and music, to everyday buildings and tools.

Geometry in Art and Architecture

traces the evolution of western art and architecture as it collides with mathematics. With lots of pictures and examples along the way, this site moves chronologically from the Egyptian pyramids to the intersection of math, art, and architecture today.

Investigations with Polyhedra

helps make geometry more concrete and accessible. This well-developed unit plan is appropriate for students in grades 7-12.

Math and the Art of M.C. Escher

celebrates Escher's vast collection of work, which encompasses almost every category in the math art world. This site includes both examples of Escher's work (sorted by category) as well as activities for teachers and students.

Mathematical Imagery

offers a vast collection of math art that is catalogued in albums on this website presented by the American Mathematical Society.

Pi Appears in Crop Circle

an article published by the mathematics magazine, Plus, details the mathematical significance of a crop circle that encodes the number for pi out to ten digits. This article has the potential to be a highly engaging and interesting way to start an invest


Pitching and hitting can both be improved by a knowledge of physics. A curveball curves because its spin results in different amounts of force on opposite sides of the ball.


A study by a British University has determined the optimal speed, location, timing, and contact point for a penalty kick using statistical analyses. Swimming

Water is a more resistant medium than air, and one key focus for swimmers is reducing that resistance as much as possible to gain a competitive edge. With this in mind, the U.S. Olympic team recently hired a fluid mechanics professor to knock seconds off.


If you've seen Rafael Nadal play, you know how important spin is in the game of tennis. Balls hit with heavy topspin will drop down and hit the court sooner, allowing players to give greater speed to the ball and have higher net clearance.

Track and Field

Pole vaulters are able to hurl themselves sky high using only the speed of their legs and a large plastic rod. Kimo morris uses Newtonian mechanics to explain how pole vaulters manage to defy gravity so impressively.

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Christopher Burke posts math-related comics, jokes, and general discussion.

Math Notation

Math Notation is an educational blog that explores concepts in greater depth while providing math challenges and test prep strategies.

Lessons and help with pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus. Also offers puzzles, games, a calculator, and a math survival guide.

Free Online Scientific Calculators Encalc, Web2.0calc, Speed Crunch, Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 -graphing calculator.

Math Masters

instructional math videos.


Math 4 Mobile offers five free mobile applications that mathematics students can use to learn about and solve a variety of problem types.

NPR Math Guys

explains the "real world" mathematics of items in the news to show the relevance of mathematics.

NSDL Math Common Core

Resources in this collection include lesson plans, simulations, problem sets with explanations, student activities that provide feedback and other interactives. These digital learning resources support the Math Common Core Standards.